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Factors To Look Into Before Considering Limb Lengthening In The Paley Institute

The height that some people have is not enough for them. That is why if there are possible ways to change that, then they will be willing to try almost anything. Some people would even consider having a surgery. It is in this article that we will be talking about the different things you need to know about limb lengthening.

The cutting into half of the leg bone is a part of the procedure known as limb lengthening. Your bones will then be connected using an external fixator which will be attached to the bones. It is on this device that the screws are being adjusted every now and then. A small separation is being created the moment that these screws are being adjusted. In about a month, there will be an inch increase on the bone. The bones will then become stronger in about 2 months. It is in this kind of procedure that you will be able to have an increase of about 2 inches. The moment that the procedure is done, you will have to undergo physical therapy in order for you to be able to walk again. There is a year of recovery that is needed but this one also depends on the patient.

You will not find it cheap to have this kind of procedure and you have to know that. It is this kind of surgery that may cost you more than a thousand dollars. It is the country where you will choose to have the surgery that the cost of it will also vary. It is Dr. Dror Paley that is considered as an expert when it comes to this kind of surgery in the US. It is in Baltimore Maryland that the Paley Institute is located which Dr. Paley founded. Dr. Paley has been performing limb lengthening and other reconstructive procedure in more than 17,000 patients. It was in the US and other parts of the world were Dr. Paley has performed these surgeries. It was also that introduced over a hundred different new procedures when it comes to bone and soft tissue reconstruction of developmental, congenital and post-traumatic limb disorder. There have been a new, simple and accurate methods that Dr. Plaey has discovered for prediction of leg length and Dr. Paley was the one that discovered it.

It was in the past that when it comes to lengthening, complicated procedures were used but with the introduction of Dr. Paley’s multiplier method, everything became simple. There will still be a sued if external fixator though the treatment method has become shorter due to the use of the intramedullary rod and an external fixator. It is also Dr. Paley that is considered as an expert when it comes to fully implantable limb lengthening.