Nutrition Based on Facts, Not Fads

Have you ever stopped to consider the number of variables that contribute to your overall health? The place you live, your medical history, the way you were raised, the amount of sleep you get, and of course the two most “obvious” components: exercise and nutrition.


We get it, what we eat drives our health and sense of well-being, but what to eat isn’t as obvious as it may seem. Does a bowl of shredded wheat and banana sound like a healthy breakfast? Most people would say “yes”, but to a diabetic, this could be a deadly meal. The way a diabetic interprets the aforementioned meal is unique to that person and will cause more harm than anything else. This is a good illustration of Nutrigenomics, the study of the interaction between genes and diet – not just going on a diet to fit in your genes!

This study focuses on the reality that different bodies respond differently to inputs of nutrition based on their genetic makeup. A better understanding of this concept would mean being able to design a diet that met the specific needs of your body. Optimizing your diet to compliment your genetic makeup could potentially lead to a reduction in disease, anti-aging characteristics, body mass reduction, and increased energy.

Families could make informed eating choices rooted in their own genetic makeup. In other words, parents could protect the health of their children by laying the groundwork for preventative care by feeding their families food that would contribute powerfully to their long-term health.

Furthering Nutrigenomics has implications of dramatic health benefits. Understanding your body will reduce confusion regarding the causes of health issues. Families could evaluate their medical history and make conscious food choices to address their specific concerns: diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and even dementia could be reduced right at home! We must realize that nutrition is the most powerful tool we have to control how we feel now and into the future. The future is brighter with informed nutritional choices based on scientific fact. Enough with fad diets, let’s give our families nutrition that is scientifically sound!