3 Ways Obesity Can Negatively Impact Your Health

Obesity is an increasingly widespread problem in the United States. In addition to being detrimental to self-esteem and affecting physical appearance, obesity can negatively impact one’s health in a number of ways. Unfortunately, a staggering number of Americans don’t realize just how unhealthy obesity can be until their personal wellbeing is directly impacted by it. Anyone open to learning about the negative health effects associated with obesity is urged to read on.

1. Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is known for causing dramatically elevated blood sugar. This occurs as the result of obesity causing a resistance to insulin, which is the hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar. Despite historically being found in overweight and obese adults, this type of diabetes is now prevalent in children as well. With the proper treatment, type 2 diabetes can be managed, and with proper diet and exercise, it can even be sent into remission. In other words, this type of diabetes can be reversed, but doing so requires tremendous dedication and self-discipline.

2. Heart Disease

Heart disease is among the most deadly ailments brought on by obesity. Overweight and obese individuals often suffer from hardened arteries and coronary artery disease as a result of fatty deposits building up. Obesity can also cause narrowed arteries, which result in reduced blood flow to the heart, which is often the precursor to a heart attack. Furthermore, narrowed arteries are prone to blood clot formation, which can result in a stroke. If obesity has put you at serious risk for heart disease, weight-loss surgery may be a wise course of action. To learn more, get in touch with Well Beginnings, the foremost authority on Lap Band Houston.

3. Sleep Apnea

A substantial number of obese and overweight individuals suffer from sleep apnea. People with this ailment stop breathing for short periods throughout the night and snore very loudly. This occurs as a result of a heavy chest wall squeezing the lungs. If you share a bed with a spouse or partner, his or her sleep patterns will likely be affected by all the noise you make. Additionally, since most sleep apnea sufferers wake up multiple times throughout the night, they’re often tired and poorly rested for the day ahead.

With more than one third of Americans suffering from obesity, this affliction is now more prevalent than ever. Understanding how damaging obesity can be to your health is the first step to getting your weight under control and helping loved ones do the same.